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Health Economics September 2019 Round Table Wrap Up

Across WA and nationally, there’s considerable need for health economics and data analytics expertise, both in government and industry. WATCHE recently facilitated a health economics roundtable, which was held on September 11. Hosted by WATCHE’s very own Prof Suzanne Robinson and Prof Elizabeth Geelhoed, the roundtable was held to discuss what major issues health economics and data analytics should be addressing in WA.  Also discussed was how to promote and encourage an effective system-wide collaboration – including the better transfer of people and knowledge between sectors, and how can all sectors utilise digital technology, health economics and data analytics.


Western Australia is in a great position to develop the capability of uniting the toolkit of economics, with the more nuanced picture which can be derived from large complex data. We have a long history of broad data linkage in this state, which means there’s the potential to unpack what drives health expenditure and where there’s opportunities for innovation and commercialisation of solutions. Currently the pathways for bringing highly skills individuals and commercially successful organisations into the area of health economics are limited, constraining capacity building in WA. The roundtable was also seeking comment on how to entice, and retain both organisations and specialists in health economics.


The roundtable was well attended by some of WA’s top health and medical people, along with university and industry representatives.

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